According to the CDC,homicide is the number 1 cause of death for African-Americans ages 15-35.

Learn why all the OG’s and Influencers are talking about OGU. If you are tired of the senseless violence occurring in the neighborhoods and or in the culture? OGU is for You!

About OGU

OGU is a one day experience of world-class training, powered by the Urban Specialists. At OGU we catalyze individuals to use their influence to make a positive change in the community through mentoring youth. Be a part of the solution to stop senseless violence, join the movement today!

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Meet the Trainers

Bishop Omar Jahwar

Founder & CEO

Bishop Omar Jahwar

Bishop Omar Jahwar is the voice of Dallas urban communities, most notably as it relates to social change and eradicating senseless violence. He is the CEO and founder of Urban Specialists, an internationally renowned community leader and advocate. He has spent 23 years promoting strong families, helping to strengthen communities, and advocating for peace. Since he was 17, Bishop Omar has worked diligently to curb the violence plaguing urban communities and has thus become a prominent leader within of the urban culture.


Master Trainer

Antong Lucky

At an early age, Antong became embroiled in a life of crime, gang violence and drug dealing that ultimately landed him in prison. In prison Antong denounced his gang affiliation and began working to unite the rival gangs. He quickly rose to become one of the most respected and sought after mentors in prison. His teachings of accountability and conflict resolution taught fellow inmates how not to use violence as their primary language but instead practice peace. Antong has spent the last twenty years advocating, working inside communities in numerous roles to end violence in communities.

Candace Fleming

Director of Training & Curriculum

Candace Fleming

Candace Fleming is an educator by profession and a genuine lover of people at heart. She has spent the past 20 years pouring into the lives of at-risk youth and building communities in various capacities that include teaching, mentoring, workshop facilitation, speaking and media appearances. Having a passion and commitment to training excellence, she has helped to create various curricula targeting the development of youth and young adults. Candace holds a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, with a Minor in Education as well as Masters of Education, with a focus on Instructional Leadership.

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